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Canine Trainer

Karen Landmesser-Nevin

Karen Landmesser-Nevin

Karen Landmesser-Nevin is the Canine Trainer for Healing Paws for Warriors; selecting, caring, and training the service dogs to pair with Veterans.

Karen has over two years in dog training and 15 years in Marine Mammal Training; working with different species of dolphins, seals, sea lions, otters, and many bird species and small mammals.  Her education/training, and love for the ocean has provided her unique opportunities; working at the Virginia Aquarium in Virginia and then Gulf World in Florida.

Married to a veteran (US Navy, 26 years of service), his devotion to the military community drew her to Healing Paws for Warriors; desiring to help veterans with the added bonus of training dogs.

Karen has a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Biology.  She resides in the Freeport, FL area with her husband and (x3) rescue dogs—Bella (German Shepherd Mix), Chief (Yellow Lab), and Ernie (Pitt Mix). 

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