Operations Manager

Sheila Hale is a Co-founder and the Operations Manager of Healing Paws for Warriors; providing operational management for the non-profit organization.

She has over 20-plus years in finance and program management as a government employee.  More importantly, she’s a mother, where her nurturing side is evident in her desire to help people, particularly military veterans. All of the above, coupled with a love of animals, makes her a caring asset to the organization. She has personal experience working with veterans with PTSD and their families, seeing and hearing firsthand the struggles they’ve endured. Her motto, "we gave our military the weapons to fight, let’s give our veterans the tools to live” perfectly sums up her fierce support of the save a veteran/rescue a dog program; saving lives and saving animals.

Sheila has a Master’s in Acquisition Program Management and a Bachelor’s in Computer Studies/Human Resources. She resides in the Fort Walton Beach area with her children, where she is aware/supportive of the needs of the local military community.

Operations Manager


Healing Paws for Warriors

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If you are in a crisis, please call the Veterans Crisis Line:


1-800-273-8255 #1

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