Canine Trainer

Canine Trainer


Steve Kotowske is a Certified Obedience Trainer, Instructor and owner of “What’s Up Dog”? 


Steve Kotowske has also completed and certified in Narcotics Detector Dog Trainer Course and Patrol Detector Dog Handler Course while attending the training academy at American K9 Interdiction in Carrsville, VA  - one of the top facilities in the US for supplying Military Working Dogs to the DoD and the UK, as well as Police K9's throughout the US.    Steve is also a breeder and a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America - Working Dog Association.  Beyond training Police K9 and Protection Dogs, Steve is the local expert on canine nutrition, and has led nutrition seminars for members of the United States Police Canine Association.



Service Dog training came into play with detection work - the same principles used for learning to distinguish a particular scent in narcotics is applied to the Diabetes Alert Dog which is where the passion started.  Training Competitive Level Obedience coupled with skills for living in the real world of the client like a Personal Protection Dog, all put together with doing specific tasks like Stability Assist, Fetching, Opening Doors, Turning on Lights, etc... were a natural fit for Steve's passion to help people.  He has partnered with Healing Paws for Warriors, Inc. to not only help source dogs, but to serve as Training Director and provide solid, well trained, Service Dogs to American Veterans.

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