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Our Mission

  • Healing Paws for Warriors is a local veteran-founded/ veteran-led 501(c)(3) that provides rescue to trained service dogs to combat veterans faced with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and/or Military Sexual Trauma (MST) at no cost to the veteran with continued support, helping to  reduce the statistic of veteran suicide and increase self and family health and wellness.  We pride ourself on being a resilient program that represents veterans helping veterans from personal experience and trained service dogs.

  • Our staff is comprised of a combat medical veteran, practicing PTSD therapist, professional service dog trainer, a veterinarian, and many other supportive volunteers.  

  • Our dogs come only from local rescues.  Our service dog trainer teaches the dogs and the veterans as a team.  The service dogs have  the complete protection and rights granted by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  

  • We are devoted to pairing and training service dogs with veterans at NO COST to the veteran to enroll!

Our Goal

  • Bringing awareness to veteran suicide; reducing the numbers one dog at a time.

  • Give hope and healing to Veterans and rescue dogs through empowering military heroes to return to civilian life with dignity and independence

  • Express gratitude to those who have served, or are serving our great country.

  • Reduce number of canines in shelters; ending pet homelessness.

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