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What We Do

Our program focus is “Save a Veteran / Rescue a Dog.”


Once a veteran is accepted into our program they will be paired with a trained service dog from a local shelter. They will be provided training by a veteran with personal experience and service dog for the next 2-3 months.   Our program believes it takes not only a trained dog, but a veteran who has faced some of the same challenges; teaching the veterans how to utilize the dog as a medical device (ie wheelchair).  


Dogs will be trained to a veteran's specific needs as a Certified Service Dog.  A Certified Service Dog is allowed by law to enter public places such as the veteran’s work place, restaurants, buses, stores, etc. These are rights set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  They will graduate with both the AKC Good Citizen and AKC Good Citizen-Public certifications.  


Once the veteran / K9 team has graduated, they will be asked to mentor incoming trainees to help them transition into our program.  We feel this is very beneficial to both the new trainee and experienced veteran.  


  • We are now accepting applications.  To apply now CLICK HERE.

  • All placement and training fees are at no cost to the veteran. The veteran will be responsible for transportation and housing costs (if needed).  

  • All funding for Healing Paws for Warriors is from charitable donations. Please help our cause and donate today

We also provide Community Education and Family Integration.

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