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Get a new 'leash on life' and apply today



Thank you for your interest in Healing Paws for Warriors. Healing Paws for Warriors provides certified service dogs to approved veterans who became disabled while serving our country with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and/or with limited mobility impairment. Applicants must have a verified clinical diagnosis PTSD, TBI, or MST in order to qualify for our program. At this time, Healing Paws for Warriors does not provide service dogs to individuals who are legally blind or hearing impaired. 


We understand that our application is quite lengthy, please do not let this deter you from applying to our program. We take great pride in providing our warriors the best possible service, your honesty and accuracy on this application helps us provide you the best possible service canine and program experience. It is very likely that you have all the information you need to complete this application nearby. Completing this application is the first step in getting a new “leash on life”! 


In order to qualify for our program you must meet the following basic criteria (other acceptance criteria may be required on a case-by-case basis): (i) verifiable diagnosis of PTSD, TBI, and/or MST (ii) honorable discharge or current honorable service; (iii) stable living environment, (iv) free of substance abuse, (v) not have a conviction of any crime against animals, and (vi) not have more than two dogs in your home. 


For those applicants who have an assigned caregiver through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs or any other agency: Please be advised that your caregiver is not allowed to attend the program with you. For your safety and that of others, accepted applicants are not allowed to bring firearms onto Healing Paws for Warriors property. Please leave any firearms, knives, or other weapons at home. 


Once our Warrior Relations Department receives your application, it typically takes 2-3 weeks to make an acceptance decision. Warrior candidates have 30 days to submit all necessary documents. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and after 30 days candidates will need to reapply. It is ideal to submit a complete application packet all at once rather than submitting only portions at a time. 


Thank you for your service and your interest in Healing Paws for Warriors. 




Mike Arena

Executive Director, Healing Paws for Warriors

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