Top Dog


Rescue, rehabilitate, train, provide veterinary care, food, and support for one dog. 

Be a Hero


Rescue and provide kenneling for one service dog.  Kennel has dog beds, blankets, feeding bowls, and a dog pool.     

Serve a Service Dog


Provide food and veterinary medical care for one of our service dogs.

Did You Know...

  • $25 a week to feed one dog. There are over 25 dogs in our foster and rescue program.

  • $300-$500 per team for customized service vest and accessories to fit specific needs of the service dog recipient.

  • $500-$800/year for maintenance veterinary care; including exams, blood work, vaccines, parasite preventatives, and other routine procedures.

  • $500-$3,000 for initial veterinary care.

  • $3000-$5000 for emergency or specialty veterinary care.

  • $5,000-$12,000 for rehabilitation and training. This process may take six months to two years depending on the dog's initial behavioral status and job they are trained for.

  • $5,000-$15,000 / average service dog costs.  Help us save two lives at a time.

Healing Paws for Warriors

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Donate to Healing Paws for Warriors through iGive.com