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Facebook Fundraise

1. Find “Fundraisers”

After logging into Facebook, review menu to the left of your newsfeed. Click on “Fundraisers” located under the “Explore” tab.

Find Fundraisers.png

2. Select “Raise Money”

Select Raise Money.png

3. Select “Nonprofit”

Select NonProfit.png

4. Specify the nonprofit of your choosing

(Type in) Healing Paws for Warriors, choose a cover photo

Specify NonProfit.png

5. Fill-in fundraiser details

Once you’ve chosen a nonprofit, Facebook asks you to fill in some details such as the desired amount to be raised, and the desired end date.

Create and Wait.png

6. Create and wait

Click “create,” and your fundraiser is ready to go! Friends, family, and strangers can all donate through the Facebook fundraiser and the nonprofit will receive funds directly.

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