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Melanie Cassulo

Melanie Cassulo

Melanie Cassulo is a Licensed Medical Health Counselor.  Melanie provides therapy to adolescents, teenagers, adults and elders.  As a therapist she addresses trauma, traumatic brain injury (TBI), addiction and interpersonal relationship problems and develops collaborative relationships with clients so they are able to recognize the changes they need to make to improve their quality of life.  Her first wounded warriors were VietNam era veterans. 


Melanie takes the time to get to know people, the way life has influenced their lives, identify things that work and those that don’t so life is not unmanageable.  She will work to pinpoint characteristics that may be problems, then use EMDR or cognitive behavioral techniques to help identify the changes that will help quickly.  Her volunteer work with Healing Paws for Warriors is helping to recognize how the training process between veterans and service dogs is a collaboration that potentiates change and increases veteran awareness and the control they are able to re-gain in their lives. 


Melanie is a military brat and has been working with active-duty & veterans along with their families for over 10 years.  Melanie lives in the area with her dogs Skye, Blue & Reilly and is aware and supportive of the needs of the local military community. 


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